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Church Mobiliser

Reverend Suliasi Kurulo is recognised globally for developing tailored approaches to the advancement of the Gospel in various continents around the world

In Latin America, the strategic approach adopted by CMF Internatonal under Reverend Kurulo’s leadership has been the strategy of church mobilization.

CMF International’s network with countries in the continent of Latin America started with a prophetic trip to El Salvador by Reverend Kurulo in 2005 and a Macedonian call from Venezuela when he visited the nation a few years ago.

In 2012, he commissioned five Pastors from CMF International to go to Latin America and conduct training for church leaders in the five Latino nations of Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Ecuador and Chile.

The Pastors were able to conduct teachings and training in the four key areas of church mobilisation focusing on evangelism, which is soul winning, discipleship, church planting and world mission.

It is part of the strategy of giving time and resources to the greater Body of Christ to, train and equip leaders to take the Gospel to their own people.

Reverend Kurulo believes in networking and mobilising the Church and also raising up local leadership to reach their own tribes and communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.