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Reverend Suliasi Kurulo identifies networking with the greater Body of Christ as an important component of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Nationally, he is involved with the Pentecostal churches in the Central Division where Holy Spirit teaching sessions are regularly held leading up to Pentecostal Sunday where the churches come together in a great assembly to celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as depicted in the Book of Acts.

On the international scene, Reverend Kurulo is the Co-chair of the Unreached Peoples Groups with the Billion Soul Network based in the United States of America.

In his capacity as Co-chair, he is a regular speaker and teacher at the Billion Soul Network summits and conferences that is held annually in the United States of America.

His work with the unreached peoples groups is now part of CMF International’s mission to reach the 2.4 billion souls that are yet to hear their first Gospel message.