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Many years ago I had the privilege of going by air, canoe and on foot to a remote area of the Solomon Islands where I had heard of some brave young missionaries who preached the Gospel and converted a group of fierce cannibals. Having lived most of my life in Africa, I marveled that in these tiny Pacific islands, clusters of people were still hidden, never hearing of Jesus even one time. The commitment of the young workers and their leader, Suliasi Kurulo, stirred my heart. Many of the missionaries were new converts themselves, but they were going from house to house in every island nation to preach the Gospel.

Pastor Suli trains his converts to become proclaimers of the Gospel, not those who deliver sermons, but who deliver people! They preach with reckless abandon in the darkest parts of this globe. This is truly what God intended when He sent the Comforter. The Holy Spirit’s mission is not to make us comfortable but to equip us for service so we can communicate truth to a lost world. We do our part. God does His. We proclaim His Gospel. He fulfills His Gospel, forgives and saves. From the small commission to the Great Commission, we are all called to preach the Gospel.

What I saw in the Pacific has spread worldwide. We can now find Pastor Suli’s workers in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Oceania and where I live in the United States of America. God goes with the goers, but He does not sit with the sitters. Pastor Suli goes and goes and goes. I am honored to commend to you this beautiful story. May every Christian be encouraged to preach the Gospel as we turn each page of this valuable book.

Reinhard Bonnke