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Dr. James O Davis

This remarkable book represents the global circumference of Christianity, from the furtherest point from Jerusalem and back again.

Dr. Suliasi Kurulo is the epitome of a pastor who has taken seriously and literally the fulfillment of the Great Commission. I do not know of another pastor on this planet who has strategically developed a multiplying plan more successfully than him and has taken this plan to apply it primarily toward the unreached peoples worldwide.

In his latest book, From The Ends Of The Earth, Suliasi will move your heart, mind and spirit to believe our Lord for supernatural outcomes in our personal lives.

From The Ends Of The Earth is a must for every Kingdom-minded leader today who wants to know where the Global Church is headed this century. Be sure to secure a copy for yourself and for your ten closest friends!

Dr. James O. Davis
Co-founder Billion Soul Network Founder/Cutting Edge International